Nat’l Guard to reveal findings of Col. Augustine allegations

122nd Fighter Wing Commander Colonel David Augustine

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Military leaders announced Monday the investigation into allegations against the Colonel of the 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne is complete.

We first broke the story about the anonymous complaints nearly two months ago.  Someone by the alias “Whistle blower” claims Colonel David Augustine was carelessly wasting taxpayer money.

NewsChannel 15 spoke with a National Guard official Monday who confirmed the investigation is finished.  She couldn’t comment on any of their findings.  They will release details from the investigation Wednesday.

Colonel David Augustine - Commander of 122nd Fighter Wing.  (Photo courtesy of 122nd)
Colonel David Augustine – Commander of 122nd Fighter Wing. (Photo courtesy of 122nd)

Just to refresh your memory: the person who wrote in to the Indiana National Guard estimates Colonel Augustine misused more than $230,000.  To put things into perspective, the 122nd hasn’t been in the best financial situation.  They’ve battled budget issues the last several years.

“Whistle blower” accuses Augustine of the following:

  • Spending more than $50,000 for a neon sign
  • Spending more than $100,000 for speech classes for airmen (something which is not mandated by the military)
  • Donating $3,500 of taxpayers’ money to Leadership Fort Wayne
  • Spending an unknown amount to hold military seminars at downtown Fort Wayne hotels
  • Using government funds to fly an artist from England to Fort Wayne to paint pictures of the base (pictures which he’s accused of selling and profiting from)
  • Spending $50,000 on holiday parties in 2011 and 2012
  • $30,000+ to renovate his personal office
  • Using A-10s as his personal taxi

The accuser also claims Augustine has been ordered no to fly for medical reasons even thought as commander of the 122nd he must be able to fly.

We reached out to the few military law attorneys we have in the state of Indiana.  None of them wanted to comment on the matter.

NewsChannel 15 will have a crew at the news conference Wednesday morning and will update you on-air and of course on and social media on the National Guard’s findings.

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