IRS scam moves into Indiana

File Photo.

INDIANAPOLIS (WLFI) — Indiana State Police are warning residents that a new scam has moved into Indiana. The latest phone scam involves individuals claiming to be from the IRS.

ISP said the callers are impersonating Internal Revenue Service representatives and claiming the victim owes thousands of dollars in overdue taxes. The callers demand immediate payments with prepaid debit cards and wire transfers.

The Internal Revenue Service will always make contact with the taxpayer first by mail or with a personal visit, according to the IRS.

ISP investigators said the scam continues when the caller tells the victim he cannot use a credit card to pay the taxes and tries to justify why the money has to be wired. If the scammer is unsuccessful, he will then threaten the victim with an arrest warrant.

According to ISP, the IRS does not have the authority to issue warrants.

If you feel that you have been a victim of this scam, please contact the Treasury Inspector General.

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