Greater Lafayette bring jobs to western Ind.

Photo courtesy WLFI

TIPPECANOE CO., Ind. (WLFI) – Greater Lafayette continues to grow as new businesses move into southeastern Tippecanoe County, near U.S. 52 and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

Greater Lafayette Commerce President Joe Seaman said the location is meant for industrial economic growth.

“That area was designed with the two parks out there, industrial parks for business.” said Seaman. “Basically, it’s putting the sign up ‘Open for business’.”

Seaman said the two industrial parks are Park 52, north of U.S. 52 and Park 350 to the south. He said three businesses will be moving into Park 52.

“The new ones that are going into Park 52 are Jessup Paper Box and Apex.”

Seaman said Jessup Paper Box is from Brookston and makes paper boxes. Apex is a warehousing organization. A company called TKO will also be moving to the park.

“They are a company that puts decals on trailers and they will be working closely with Wabash National Corporation,” said Seaman.

Seaman said the businesses will bring about 30 jobs to Greater Lafayette. He expects to see continued economic growth in upcoming years.

“That whole area, you’re going to see quite a change in the next probably 10 to 20 years,” added Seaman.

Changes that will potentially bring more jobs to Greater Lafayette.

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