Sheriff issues warning about sex in parks

MERCER COUNTY, Ohio (WANE)  The Mercer County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department is stepping up patrols in public parks after getting complaints about sexual activity.

Sheriff Jeff Grey issued a news release Thursday morning indicating the increased patrols will include both marked and unmarked cars along with plain clothes deputies and will cover parks in Celina, villages in Mercer County and unincorporated areas.

“These parks are visited by families,” stated Sheriff Grey. “We will not tolerate public sexual activity or soliciting in the parks. Those activities should be kept in the privacy of your home. Anyone caught engaged in sexual activity or soliciting in the parks, will be arrested and taken to jail, this news release is your only warning.”

Sheriff Grey is encouraging the public to report suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office or the police department with jurisdiction. People can also report it anonymously to the Sheriff’s Office through the web site the to department tip line at 567-890-8477.

“It is time we take back our community from drugs and deviant behavior,” stated Sheriff Grey in the news release. “It takes all of us working together, we appreciate and need the public’s help.”

Sheriff Grey added that effective immediately, anyone arrested by a deputy sheriff and incarcerated for public sexual activity will have their mug shot and a news release provided to media outlets.



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