Judge bans parents from seeing kids as part of sentence

Mug shots of Robert Boyko and Marian Clark courtesy the Allen County Sheriff's Department.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The parents accused of keeping their seven children in “deplorable conditions” at a Fort Wayne motel will not serve any time behind bars as part of their six-year suspended sentence which was handed down Thursday morning.

Robert Boyko and Marian Clark, both of Monroeville, will be on probation for four years and have a six-year no-contact-order for their children.

The pair pleaded guilty to seven felony charges of neglect of a dependent in June.

Police found their seven hungry and dirty children ranging in age from a one-week-old infant to a 14-year-old at a room being rented at the Hallmark Inn at 3730 E. Washington on January 8. Several children had no coats, no socks, and no shoes despite the eight degree temperature at the time. According to court documents, all of the kids were in dirty clothes and the young ones in dirty diapers.

Police said the children were visibly shaking from the cold. The week-old infant was in the van with only a onesie on. An older child was zip-tied into his seat and had to be cut out. An officer wrote that this child appeared to be severely autistic and did not speak. A second child also had to be cut out of zip-ties. None of the children seemed to have been bathed in days, according to the police reports.

The room they had been staying in at the Hallmark Inn had food all over the carpet and two cats. Police said the room also had a strong odor of urine.  According to court documents, the children had been eating a loaf of bread, old bologna and chicken wings from the floor of the room.

After reporting the incident in January, NewsChannel 15 was contacted by several people who knew the couple. A woman who identified herself as Clark’s sister said children have always lived in filth, and said the family had been reported it to Child Protective Services multiple times. But she says once they correct the issue, they get the kids back, and then they go back to living like they used to.

NewsChannel 15 also found court document from August 2012, when the couple took Parkview Hospital to court in after officials took their children from them.  Clark was drug tested after giving birth.  She had a “false positive” for opiates and PCP.  The judge ruled in favor of Parkview and CPS.  See court documents by clicking here.


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