Tips for slashing summer cooling costs

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Summer is in full swing, and as temperatures reach the 90’s the last thing you want is for your air conditioning to quit.

A few tricks will ensure it will be working when you need it most.

So before cranking up the ac to beat the heat…

“The first thing would be to get your filter changed, you know it’s probably due coming out of the winter,” said Brian Keilly, Owner of Hoosier Heating and Cooling in Terre Haute.

It’s recommended you change the filter every 30 days.

Next, is to make sure your outside unit is clear.

“Definitely don’t use a power-washer on it, just a hose. Really you want to spray it from the inside out so you can force the dirt and debris back out the way it came in,” said Keilly.

With high temperatures come high bills, so make sure your money doesn’t melt away this summer.

“When I say clean maybe I wasn’t explicit enough. You can’t have outside bushes around the unit or fences right next to it. You really want a three-foot clearance on those three open sides so that you get good airflow,” said Keilly.

Fact or myth, does turning off your ac when you’re not home save money?

“I find it to be a myth. I’ve tried it personally, and shutting it down what happens is your structure heats up, all the furniture in your house heats up, and you’ve got to cool that back down,” said Keilly.

There is also another way to slash cost.

“Get power vents in your attics that will cut your cooling bills substantially during the summer because it pulls that heat out of the attic that’s pressing down,” said Keilly.

Making you feel cooler for less.

“All those things will reduce your bill and save you money.”

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