Indianapolis police officer dies after shootout

Courtesy: WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer died after a shootout with an armed suspect Saturday night.

The officer who was killed in the line of duty was identified as Officer Perry Renn. Officer Renn was a 22-year veteran of the police department.

IMPD officials said Officer Renn and another officer responded to shots being fired around 9:23 p.m. at 34th Street and Forest Manor Avenue, which is near Keystone Avenue on the city’s northeast side. An anonymous person called 911 to report the gunshots, police said.

The officers found two suspects in an alley. Officer Renn and one of the suspects exchanged gunfire and were both shot.

IMPD said Officer Renn was taken to Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Health in critical condition. Police blocked exits on I-65 to allow him to be transported to the hospital quickly.

Officer Renn later died, according to police.

The suspect, who was later identified as 25-year-old Major Davis Junior, actually died at the scene. He was revived and taken to Eskenazi in critical condition. Davis Junior was preliminary charged with murder.

More than 50 IMPD officers responded to the scene at 34th and Forest Manor Saturday night. The Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition was also there.

IMPD held a press conference early Sunday morning where Mayor Greg Ballard, IMPD Chief Rick Hite, Indianapolis Director of Public Safety Director Troy Riggs addressed the media.

“A fine, brave officer. His family should be proud of him. We should be proud of him,” Chief Hite said of Officer Renn.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, IMPD Chief Rick Hite and Public Safety Director Troy Riggs all tried to emphasize that more should be done to prevent shooting tragedies like the one late Saturday that claimed the life of Officer Renn.

“Maybe it’s time to do something different,” Ballard told reporters.

Riggs said eight other IMPD officers have been shot in the past year and a half.

“Not only was this officer attacked, but this city was attacked,” Riggs said.

All three city leaders hinted at the need to restrict access to assault rifles and create tougher, mandatory sentence guidelines for violent offenders to help prevent re-offenders from getting back on the street and causing more harm.

The strongest remarks came from Chief Hite and Mayor Ballard in discussing what should be done following the death of Officer Renn.

“It’s so obvious,” Ballard said. “And it’s frustrating for me. It’s got to be frustrating for police.”

Ballard was referring to the need for change and pressure for mandatory sentences.

“Who is going to replace that officer? He didn’t run from that scene. He was a fine and brave officer,” Hite said of Officer Renn.

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