Benches on MLK bridge vandalized with hate speech

This bench is on the MLK bridge in Fort Wayne.


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – For the second time in two weeks, part of the Martin Luther King bridge in Fort Wayne was defaced.

This bench on the MLK bridge was vandalized with hate speech.
This bench on the MLK bridge was vandalized with hate speech.

Saturday a Report-It message alerted NewsChannel 15 to hate speech and racial slurs written on two benches on the bridge.

One bench has “Death to race mixers” written on it. The other bench has “White women do not need to mix with (expletive). Keep the white race pure. Remember Joseph Paul Franklin. A warrior for the white race” written on it.

Joseph Paul Franklin was a serial killer who was executed last year. He was responsible for the attempted assassination attempt on Civil Rights Leader, Vernon Jordan, in Fort Wayne in 1980 which left Jordan paralyzed.

Similar messages were also written on a Civil War Memorial east of Lawton Park off of Spy Run Avenue. Neighbors in the area said that message has been there for a little less than a week.

NewsChannel 15 alerted community leaders, and we’re told it will be cleaned up on Monday.

Two weeks ago, someone spray painted a smiley face over Dr. King’s image on that same bridge. That was cleaned off within two days.


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