Are pop-up fireworks stands reputable?

Photo courtesy WTHI

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Fireworks season doesn’t end with the Fourth of July.

Now, discounted fireworks are lighting up across the Wabash Valley.

Good deals, but is it legal or safe?

Those pop-up tents or roadside stands might not pass regulations in the State Fire Marshal’s eyes.

“The only time we get involved is when the state marshal calls in and says hey, we need some help inspecting these places. So our investigators will go out and do the inspections,” said Chief Jeff Fisher, Terre Haute Fire Department.

Generally, the fireworks you see at roadside stands are commonly known as Class C fireworks. They contain certain milligrams of gunpowder, safe enough for the average consumer use.

“If you’re in a tent, you’re only allowed certain types of fireworks, up to a certain amount of grams,” said Chief Fisher.

But that’s not all. These stores have to keep their consumers safety in-store in mind.

“Make sure you have plenty of exits, vehicles cannot be parked within a certain distance of the tents. No open flames, no heaters of a certain type. That goes for hot plates and things of that nature,” said Chief Fisher.

So how can you know if what you’re buying is reputable?

“If you see fireworks, and the plastic is broken or torn, there’s a good chance someone tried to slide something in there, I’m not saying it happens, but it may. So just look at the package, make sure each has not been tampered with and all the warning labels are on the fireworks. And everyone of them will have a warning label on them,” said Chief Fisher.

The state keeps a close eye on these stands for consumer safety, but do your part in keeping your family safe as well.

If you’re planning to store your fireworks, do so as any other flammable or combustible material. Keep them away from the heat and keep them dry.

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