State park prepares for the holiday weekend

Photo courtesy WLFI

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The holiday weekend is here and many people are heading to campsites for Independence Day. Workers at Prophetstown State Park are prepping for the holiday, which means they are cleaning and planning activities for visitors.

Prophetstown State Park Property Manager Jason Getz said the park is attracting more people each year.

“People that camp, that use the camp grounds, people that come and hike, they come and have a good experience, they share that with others,” said Getz.

Mike Hackman from Columbus brought his family to the park for the first time Thursday afternoon. He said he heard about Prophetstown and how it offers a different experience from other state parks.

“We got a chance to be on the playgrounds and see a lot of the nice scenery. A lot of flowers, the Indian village,” said Hackman, “Things we normally don’t see at other state parks.”

“We have tall prairie grass rather than tall trees. We have many features to offer, such as interpretive services and we have one of the nicest campgrounds in the state of Indiana,” added Getz.

Prophetstown State park opened in the fall of 2004. According to Getz, attendance has increased 80 percent since 2006 and increased 46 percent since last year.

“The park is getting more and more popular. People are getting more aware of it and since we opened the aquatic center, our attendance has greatly increased. Not only people to the park, but also our revenue too,” said Getz.

Getz said campsites are already booked for the holiday weekend and since the park is growing in popularity, campsites usually fill up every weekend in the summer.

“The word spreads quickly by word of mouth, that Prophetstown is a nice place to camp. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful,” said Getz.

“My favorite part so far is probably the Indian Village. A little bit of history, so we like to teach our grandchildren about history and Indiana history and this is a big part of that,” said Hackman.

Prophetstown State Park is offering many activities for Independence Day weekend, like nature hikes and village tours.

If you want to reserve a campsite at a state park, Getz encourages you to call well in advance.

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