Fort Wayne workers honored for clean water efforts

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Some Fort Wayne city utilities workers got a big award Wednesday for their efforts to provide clean running water for less fortunate people in Central America.

State Representative Phil Giaquinta presented the engineers and construction workers with a resolution from Indiana House Members, recognizing them for their work in La Vega, Guatemalan. The volunteers used to their vacation time to go there to dig a well and help retrieve the water. Prior to that, residents had to travel two and a half miles to get river water.

The workers say it’s nice to be able to use their training and skills to give back to others, and they plan on doing it again.

“We learn how blessed we are,” said Ted Nitza. “We learn how important it is for us to continue doing good solid work for our community because there are places like this that depend on this kind of of work and we’ll continue to do it.”

Next week, a new group of utility workers will head to El Salvador to help the folks there get clean water.


Photo provided by the city of Fort Wayne.

Photo provided by the city of Fort Wayne.
Photos provided by the city of Fort Wayne.

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