Man found dead in lake cottage, tree crushed him to death

A man was found dead in his lake cottage on Big Long Lake in Lagrange County. A tree 60 feet tall crushed him to death.

WOLCOTVILLE, Ind. (WANE) – During the strong storm Tuesday morning, a tree 60 feet tall fell on a lake cottage and killed a man in LaGrange County.  The coroner says Larry Davisson died, but his wife was able to make it out alive.  A lot of people who live nearby on Big Long Lake are coping with the loss, and also cleaning up damage to their property.

“It was pretty traumatic,” neighbor of 15 years Loren Skilbred said.

“Everybody has some kind of damage. I don’t think anybody got by unscathed,” neighbor of 14 years Carl Mosher said.

Carl Mosher has lived on Big Long Lake for 14 years.  On Tuesday, he counted 48 downed trees.  Most on cars and homes.

“We clocked a storm four years ago at 90 miles an hour, and it didn’t do near this much damage.”

Just a couple houses down, Loren Skilbred thinks his custom-made pontoon boat may be a total loss.

“I’ve not seen wind like this ever before where it could lift up a pontoon boat and totally flip it upside down,” Skilbred said.

Among the damage is an even greater tragedy.  The loss of a good friend, 64-year-old Larry Davisson.  A tree 60 feet tall fell on top of his home during the storm and killed him.  Neighbors were able to help rescue Davisson’s wife from the home.

“One of the tree trimmers up here knew Larry so well that he can’t come down to work on the tree. He can’t bring himself to do that. It’s too close to the tragedy and too close to the person. He’s helping everyone up here, but he can’t just bring himself to come down here to work on this one,” Mosher said.

As they mourn, lots of people on the lake tell NewsChannel 15 they’re focusing on helping their neighbors with damage cleanup and rebuild.

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