Allen County cleans up storm damage

Allen County cleans up storm damage on July 1.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) City crews, power companies and several homeowners have their work cut out for them. They’ll be cleaning up this week as a result of Monday night’s storms.

“It just freaked me out, it was one of the worst that I’ve ever seen,” said Stephanie Dornseif, a long-time Fort Wayne resident.

Sirens woke up neighbors in the Royal Oaks division.

“This kinda tops it, like I’ve never seen anything that bad before. I’ve seen trees come down throughout this addition and stuff like that, but that storm was horrible. You couldn’t even see out the windows last night,” said Dornseif.

Fallen trees, downed power lines, traffic light outages and residents cleaning up were a common sight throughout the county Tuesday.

“I did hear it storming and got up when the power went off but didn’t seem like it was that bad until she got up this morning and saw the neighbors house,” said Jeffrey Hite, a resident of Royal Oaks.

Next door, debris covers his neighbor’s house.

“And I came out this morning and I said oh, know, there’s a big limb in the roof,” said Hite.

According to neighbors, the homeowners aren’t home.

“I just really feel bad for them because that’s the second time that’s happened,” said Dornseif.

Firefighters and police across the county have responded to many areas. They said the damage was widespread and not just in one place.


At this point, it’s unclear how long cleanup will take and how much it will cost.


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