Most residents in favor of ARCH’s alternative for State Boulevard project

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The local historic preservation group ‘ARCH’ has offered up an alternative plan for the State Boulevard reconstruction project.  Right now, Fort Wayne city leaders want to straighten out the curve on State and make it a bigger road.  The problem: construction would tear up part of a historic district and neighborhood.  NewsChannel 15’s Megan Reust was at the meeting Monday night and saw the plans.  Most everyone was in support of it.

“I think that it’s a good idea,” one resident explained.

People from the Brookview-Irvington Park neighborhood packed in the Psi Ote Barn at Northside Park Monday night to see for the first time an alternative plan.  Besides wanting to preserve the historic neighborhood, people who live in the area say this may finally be the solution to keep drivers from speeding.

“I have had cars flipped over in my front yard, on my front porch! Because they drive like maniacs,” one woman explained.

Here’s what ARCH’s alternative plan looks like:
– It keeps State Boulevard as is… a two-lane road.
– Plus, it adds two roundabouts to the area… one at the intersection of State and Clinton Street.

“I noticed a number of people like me who have had a fair amount of experience with roundabouts, not here because we don’t have many, but in Europe and other cities around the country… we know they work,” (D) Fort Wayne City Councilman At Large John Shoaff said.

“I have seen them work in tremendously high volume roads – six lanes. They meter it. It’s free flowing,” resident John Kurdziel said.

Leaders of ARCH say their plan is cheaper than the city’s $11M proposal.

And city councilman John Shoaff agrees ARCH’s plan is a better option.  Because the federal government will only pay for 80-percent of the project.  It won’t give money for upgrades as the road deteriorates.

“These things have a life span of 20, 25 years and during that period or at the end of it, you’re going to have to redo it all again the 11 million dollars will be a local expense,” Shoaff said.

Officials say if you like the new option write to your councilman to let them know.  The deadline is July 18th.

To see the drawing, click here.
To see documents concerning the alternative place, click here.

ARCH also suggests residents contact the Federal Highway Administration to let the organization know how they feel about the alternate plan. The deadline for submitting comments to the FHA is June 16. The comments can be sent to:

Briana Hope
American Structurepoint Inc.
7260 Shadeland Station
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

Contact Fort Wayne City Councilmen

or contact any councilman through the City Council Office at:

200 E. Berry St., Ste. 120
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
Fax:  260.427.2979

To check to see which district you live in, click here.

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