Bags of heroin and meth found attached to man’s underwear

Mug shot of Jaime Alvarado provided by the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Dept.

WARSAW, Ind. (WANE)  A traffic stop initiated by a tip led to the arrest of a man who told police he had been bringing heroin into this country from Mexico by hiding the drugs in his rectum.

Jaime Alvarado, 39, of San Diego and formerly of Milford, Indiana, was pulled over Wednesday evening on State Road 15 on the south side of Warsaw.  When officers searched him following a K-9’s detection of narcotics, they found a mesh pouch with bags of heroin and meth attached to his underwear.

Police knew Alvarado was going to be in the area based on information obtained during a previous drug investigation that had taken place a week earlier.

In that investigation, undercover officers bought heroin at a residence in Syracuse, Indiana.  When they searched the home, they found black tar heroin, crystal meth, methadone and items used in the sale of narcotics.

They also found Dana Likens, 26, of Auburn inside the home.  Police say Likens told them he had been buying heroin and meth from Alvarado through the mail. LIkens faces a felony charge of dealing meth, dealing narcotics and possession of a narcotic drug.

Mug shot of Dana Likens provided by the Warsaw Sheriff's Dept.
Mug shot of Dana Likens provided by the Warsaw Sheriff’s Dept.

Officers arranged a purchase through the mail and the drugs were confiscated by police when they were delivered.

Police then got a tip that Alvarado had returned to Indiana and would be traveling from Indianapolis to Warsaw and that led to the traffic stop.

After being taken to the Kosciusko County Jail, Alvarado told police he would not incriminate anyone else and would not cooperate with authorities.  That’s when police say he told them he had been bringing heroin to the United States from Tijuana, Mexico by hiding it in his rectum.

He’s being held on a $250,000 bond for the drug charges and on no bond for a previous warrant out of Elkhart County.

Police expect more arrests to be made.




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