Wild on WANE – White Storks

Zoos across the country, including our very own Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, take many steps to ensure their animals are happy and healthy. One of the best ways to keep a captive population of animals thriving is to have new babies – and that’s exactly what birdkeepers are hoping for at the white stork breeding facility.

According to Birdkeeper Kyle Scherer, white storks are quite the travelers in other parts of the world. They winter in Africa, but spend the rest of the year nesting throughout Europe.

The zoo has 6 white storks from Fort Wayne’s sister city in Poland, Plock. And with the magical number 6, birdkeepers drew inspiration from none other than The Brady Bunch when it came to naming them – Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy.

These white storks are about 4 years old, which is right around the age when they should start laying eggs. They normally lay 3-5 eggs at a time, or in a clutch. So far, birdkeepers have noticed a few premature nests but no eggs just yet.

It’s a little weird to see storks’ walking with their backwards-bending knees – except, that’s not a knee! That’s actually their ankle. The stork’s toes are what touches the ground.

So where does that old wives’ tale about storks delivering babies come from? In Europe, these storks like to nest on top of buildings and roofs – this is thought as good luck.

Good luck to The Brady Bunch. Hopefully, we get some healthy eggs, soon!

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