Clean-up continues after Tuesday tornado in Indiana

An RV hit this damaged home in Hendricks County.

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — Clean-up continues on Wednesday after a tornado moved through an area near Indianapolis Tuesday afternoon, damaging more than 100 homes.

A group from Texas, that helped when tornadoes hit Joplin, Missouri in 2011, is making its way to the area to help with clean-up efforts.

The National Weather Service says it was an EF-1 tornado that caused the damage. As of Wednesday morning, there were still no reports of anyone getting hurt, but there is some major damage to two neighborhoods.

An RV hit this home in Hendricks Co. during Tuesday's storms. Luckily, no one was injured. (WISH Photo)
An RV hit this home in Hendricks Co. during Tuesday’s storms. Luckily, no one was injured. (WISH Photo)

About two dozen homes in Hendricks County suffered severe damage. The tornado picked up an RV and slammed it into a house in the Cameron Woods neighborhood. It also took off a big portion of the home’s roof.

The NWS estimated the winds tore through the area at around 100 mph. They say the damage was about a 2-mile-wide path. The NWS says the tornado was on the ground for eight minutes.

A lot of homes had the siding ripped off, but the bigger concern was for homes with the roof gone – getting the tarps on those as fast as possible because rain continued to fall after the tornado went through.

Immediately after, restoration and roofing companies got calls by the dozens, and they’ll be back out on Wednesday.

They said major repairs like decks that were ripped off will have to wait a little longer. Getting the tarps on was the first concern.

From Hendricks County the tornado headed toward the west side of Indianapolis where the NWS says up to 100 homes have some kind of minor damage.

People in Indianapolis say they feel lucky no one was hurt but they’ve got a big job and a lot of clean-up to do.

According to Indianapolis Power & Light Company, more than 5,000 people were left without power after the storms. IPL said Wednesday morning that crews were working to restore the remaining nine customers without power.

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