Wild on WANE – Sumatran Tigers

Why do tigers have stripes? So they can’t be spotted!

Jokes aside, Bugara and Indah are easily two of the favorite animals to spot in the Indonesian Rainforest. A lot of caution and care goes in to these cats each and every day. As with all of the animals at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, safety is top priority – but they’re extra careful with these Sumatran Tigers. Before they’re released into the cage, zookeepers thoroughly check the cage for any damage or fallen tree limbs on the wires.

The tigers are very social and like to push their noses against the windows, so zookeepers have to wash them every day too to make sure you can get a good view.

Bugara, weighing in at 250lbs, and his 170lb sister, Indah, are given enrichment activities each day to keep them stimulated.

According to Zookeeper Josh Volz, the tiger’s enrichment activities include stew meat for them to hunt, and animal shaped boxes, paper towels, and straw for them to chew on. They also love to roll around in anything that’s really smelly, like old cologne or perfume.

When the tigers are released, they walk through a long chute that leads them to their cage.

Sumatran tigers like Indah and Bugara are actually an endangered species. There are only about 500 left of them in the wild – so they’re in zoos across the country to protect them.

Stop by and see the “eye of the tigers” in the Indonesian Rainforest this summer!

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