Think you know how hot your car gets?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  The first 90° reading of 2014 went in the books Tuesday afternoon which means it’s time to talk about heat safety.

You’ve all likely seen the cliches when it comes to showing how hot your car gets in the summer. Does baking cookies in the dashboard sound familiar?

While it’s interesting to see how the heat is strong enough to bake cookies, this is a very serious danger. On average, 123 people die each year from heat related issues. It’s one of the biggest weather killers, but one of the least talked about.

We took a thermometer starting at 80° and put it in a car with the windows up. Thirty minutes later, the thermometer read a life-threatening 138°.

“In ten minutes, the temperature can rise 19°,” Dr. Albert Emilian of Dupont Hospital said. “In 1 hour, it can rise 50 degrees or more. Never leave anybody in a car and leaving the windows open, doesn’t help.”

If you’re interested in the process behind why the inside of your car gets so hot, click here to visit the National Weather Service’s page on heat safety.

Dr. Emilian said, young children and the elderly are much more susceptible to heat related health issues. There are clear signs that someone needs immediate medical attention.

“In little children especially, they’ll stop sweating,” Dr. Emilian said. “Initially they will sweat and then when they overheat they will stop sweating and they become very lethargic, drowsy, and hard to wake up. That means you have a very serious case of hyperthermia.”

Please remember this summer to never leave anyone in the car even if it is for a short amount of time. It doesn’t take long for serious medical issues to set in.

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