Triplets graduate in top 10 of their class

Alexander, Andrew and Austin are triplets who graduated from Wayne High School in the top 10 of their class.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Three brothers shared a special moment Friday night inside the Memorial Coliseum. Not only are they identical triplets, but they graduated in the top 10 percent of their class, including two of them taking the top two spots.

Andrew graduated valedictorian, while his younger brother, Austin, graduated right behind him as the salutatorian. Alexander graduated in the 10th spot of his class. All three thanked each other for getting to where they are. They said one brother’s strength in a subject helped when the others couldn’t grasp the concepts.

“Chances are one of us was bound to understand the current concepts, so it made it easy to help each other out,” said Austin Gallagher.

They have been in the spotlight due to their unique situation, but they’re not letting all the exposure get to their heads.

“We’re very humble about it, definitely,” said Austin Gallagher.

“Andrew is humbled enough to think that Austin deserved valedictorian,” said Alexander Gallagher.

“I really do think that he does. I mean, he helped me a lot more than I helped him. And I do think he deserves it more,” said Andrew Gallagher.

All three are planning to go to Purdue University in the fall. They said they will not be living in the same room, but probably in the same residential hall. They said this will their chance to separate from each other, but they won’t be too far way.

More than 300 senior graduated from Wayne High School Friday night.




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