Mayor vetoes collective bargaining ordinance

Mayor Henry vetoes the collective bargaining bill passed by the City Council.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Mayor Tom Henry has vetoed the ordinance passed by the City Council that would have ended collective bargaining for non-public safety union employees.

“By working together, we’ve experienced unprecedented momentum in the City of Fort Wayne,” The mayor said via a press release on the veto. “Through innovative and engaging partnerships, we’ve built a nationally-recognized, affordable, and high-performing city government. Now is not the time to risk the progress we’re making in our community by rushing through an ordinance that takes away the rights of our award-winning city employees. We win the future by making smart choices, not by jeopardizing the formula for success and demoralizing our city team.”

City Council passes Collective Bargaining Ordinance

The bill went to the mayor’s desk after Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The council voted down a motion to reconsider the previous vote, thereby upholding the 7 to 2 vote on May 27.

John Shoaff (D, At-Large) voted with the majority on May 27 to remove collective bargaining rights, but only so he could invoke a parliamentary procedure to reconsider the vote. This meant the bill was essentially on hold until the council’s regular meeting on June 10. During that meeting, five council members voted to not reconsider the first vote and three voted to reconsider it. Councilman John Crawford was not at the meeting.

The council would need six votes to override the veto. A vote to do that could take place on June 24.

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