Decatur sculptures now on display

"Cube Farmer" by Craig Snyder was one of the sculptures on display in Decatur.

DECATUR, Ind. (WANE)  Downtown Decatur unveiled 20 new sculptures as part of its third Decatur Sculpture Tour. The town celebrated the sculptures with a wine tasting, strolling musicians, and food on Friday night.

The band “Lost My Tribe” played downtown while people walked around historic 2nd and 3rd Streets to viewed all 23 sculptures, 20 new and three returning.

Twelve different artists from six different states and the United Kingdom designed the sculptures on display.

One of the sculptures was designed by Craig Snyder.

“I am fascinated by geometric shapes and their limitless opportunities,” Snyder said about his inspiration for his piece ‘Cube Farmer’. “Besides the pure enjoyment of the form, Cube Farmer offer some social commentary on corporate America’s desire to stuff us all into standardized cubicles at work and to make us just cogs in the machine.”

Anyone can visit and vote for his or her favorite sculpture by September 30.

Sculptures will be on display through April of 2015.

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