City works with disability organizations to stay ADA compliant

FILE: Fort Wayne downtown

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Turnstone is expanding its facility that could attract athletes that are disabled from across the country to Fort Wayne. Experts said the city works diligently to comply to the Americans with Disabilities Act’s law and regulations, but to host a group of people with disabilities of this magnitude, more could be done.

“They need a place, people with disabilities, where they can thrive and can just be themselves,” said Nancy Louraine, with Turnstone.

Turnstone works with city leaders regarding ADA compliance. David Nelson, president and CEO of The League for the Blind and Disabled, serves the same role. He knows of projects the city has worked on, but realizes there are other areas that could be improved.

“The city is working on curb cuts throughout the city,” Nelson said. “Do we have two, three, four hundred hotel rooms in any specific region of the city? I think we do need more of that.”

Louraine and Nelson know these issues will take time to fix. Nelson mentions there are pending lawsuits that could change ADA laws. There have been a few lawsuits recently that have set new precedents that affect businesses to comply with the law such as golf courses and swimming pools.

John Perlich, city spokesperson, released the following statement about the city working to stay ADA compliant:

“The City of Fort Wayne is committed to meeting the needs of residents. We have a proactive ADA plan in place and work regularly to enhance our ability to serve those in need of accommodations. Through street projects, sidewalk improvements, and ADA-complaint buildings, to name a few, we continue to make progress with our ADA program. In addition, we applaud Turnstone for the tremendous services they provide. They are to be commended for being a leader in their field as they have a remarkable influence on the lives of so many. We have a positive partnership and working relationship with Turnstone as we all understand and appreciate the importance of the ADA issue.”





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