Program aims to combat feral cat population

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Three organizations are working together on an program they hope will reduce the feral cat population in the city.

Animal Care and Control, HOPE for Animals, and the Allen County SPCA have formed a coalition with the goal of sterilizing feral cats.

Under current protocol, when the feral cats are brought in, they’re held for three days in case there is an owner looking for the pet. After that, if there is no identification on the cat, the animal will be put up for adoption or euthanized. Most are currently euthanized, according to Animal Care and Control Deputy Director Amy Joe Sites.

Animal Care and Control proposed a new program to city council on Tuesday. The ordinance would allow the the organizations pick up feral cats in order to sterilize, microchip and eartip* them. The cats would then be adopted out or returned to where they came from rather than facing euthanization.

Animal Care and Control says the new program it will not cost taxpayers anything; the money will come from grant money.

*Eartipping is considered a universal sign of a spayed/neutered feral cat. It allows a spayed/neutered feral cat to be identified on sight. 




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