Wild on WANE: Indiana Family Farm

Old MacDonald isn’t the only one with a farm! The Indiana Family Farm at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has a variety of animals for all to pet and enjoy.

According to Zookeeper Chase Caldwell, the barnyard animals are fed in the morning and the afternoon. Each of the animals has a carefully monitored diet. The Kunekune pigs, native to New Zealand, really pigged out. Elvis and Pugsley were very friendly. They sat and behaved like dogs while waiting for their food!

In the stall just across from the pigs are the miniature donkeys, Sonya and Sarah. Besides food, number 2 on the care list was…just that. Stalls are cleaned every morning, and then throughout the day as needed. Fresh bedding is put in the stalls regularly.

The keepers at the Indiana Family Farm at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo make sure that all the animals have everything they need. So, both morning and night, they make sure they have the food and nutrients to keep them healthy. They keep their stalls nice and clean and provide them with enrichment activities so they’re both mentally and physically stimulated.

Enrichment keeps the animals from getting bored by making them work for their food.

You can pet all of the animals at the Family Farm, including Roxy and Jerry. Little Bo Peep didn’t lose these sheep but you may not recognize them with so much wool – it’s been growing since last October! With summer just around the corner, they’ll be getting sheared any day now to help them stay cool.

With a hee-haw here, and a baa baa there, here a moo, there a moo, over there an oink oink, check out Indiana Family Farm. E-I-E-I-O!

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