Couple in Vegas shooting had moved from Ind.

Photo courtesy WLFI

CLARK CO., Nev. (WLFI) – The two people accused of killing two police officers and another person in Las Vegas Sunday have been identified as a couple from Lafayette. The rampage ended minutes later when Jerad and Amanda Miller took their own lives.

Investigators said Monday the couple was targeting police.

“At one point he laid on his stomach in front of Amanda,” said Clark County Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill. “Amanda took her handgun and fired several rounds into Jerad where he then immediately passed on the floor. At that point, Amanda took her handgun and ended her life with one gunshot wound to the head.”

McMahill said that’s how Sunday’s deadly shooting attacks in Las Vegas came to an end.

On Monday, Las Vegas police identified the couple as Jerad and Amanda Miller. One day earlier, the Millers ambushed and killed two police officers at point-blank range while they were eating lunch at a pizzeria.

“They placed a Gadsden flag, which is a ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ yellow flag, on the body of Officer Beck. They also threw a swastika on top of his body. At that point, Mr. Jerad Miller then pinned a note to Officer Soldo that basically stated that this is the beginning of the revolution,” said McMahill.

The couple also killed a man who tried to confront them at a nearby Walmart.

Minutes later, during a shootout with police Amanda shot and killed Jerad before shooting herself.

The couple moved to Nevada from Lafayette at the beginning of the year.

Kelley Fields opened her home to the Millers and says she was with them right before the shootings, but didn’t know what was about to take place.

“He came up to me, hugged me, said ‘I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do,’ said Fields. “She came up to me and she hugged me and she said goodbye, she said goodbye to the cats. She goes, ‘You’ve got me crying.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry, ‘ She goes, ‘I’ll be here to see you, whenever.’ And she goes,’If I die, I die.’ That’s all she said, that’s it.”

The two fallen officers both leave behind wives and children. A vigil was held for the victims Monday in Las Vegas

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