Deer fawns: If you care, leave it there

Photo Archives\Science & Nature\Photo\11005P00-RMQGQ.jpg Description: Fawn lying down, Photo Credit: WPBN

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Just because a fawn is alone, doesn’t mean it is in need of rescue, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is reminding the public.

It’s peak season for encountering white-tailed deer fawns and they may often be alone. However, this doesn’t mean the deer is abandoned. The mother will often leave the fawn during the day to look for food or to protect the fawn from predators.

“If you care, leave it there,” as the DNR says. Make sure to give any fawns some distance as the mother will not return if anyone is around, according to the DNR. The mother will likely return to her fawn at night, as long as no one is around.

Even if an animal is injured, the DNR says to let it be and let nature take its course. If people feel the need to intervene, there are licensed wildlife rehabilitators that can be contacted. Keeping a wild animal without the proper permit(s) is illegal. See a full list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators and phone numbers here.

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