Fire crews respond to an unusual house fire

A second fire broke out at a home off of Sea View Cove.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A home in the 9600 block of Sea View Cove in Fort Wayne was destroyed by a fire over the weekend after flames broke out there twice.  The first happened Saturday and then the fire rekindled Sunday.  It’s something they say is very unusual.

“It was on the first floor, and it was a normal maybe one or two rooms were involved,” Assistant Chief of Operations for the Fort Wayne Fire Department Jerome Gaines said.

That’s what firefighters found Saturday when they first fought the fire at an abandoned home on Sea View Cove.  But, neighbors tell NewsChannel 15 it wasn’t abandoned and someone had been living at the home.  Regardless, it was a strange fire that Jerome Gaines, Assistant Chief of Operations, said they had to fight from the outside.

“When they got inside they found that there was some damage to the structure which reduced the structural integrity of the home.  There was concern for putting firefighters in that position where they might fall through a floor or something like that.”

It’s what happened Sunday that made the fire unusual.  Crews had been watching the house for hours after the fire was put out to make sure it wouldn’t rekindle, but it did anyway.

Firefighters say the materials used to build the home might be to blame.

“There were a lot of voids and things in this home.  There were no fire stops obviously.  Sometimes you are going to have that situation.”

Gaines says firefighters always fight fires the best they can.  Even if the building or home may be abandoned.

“Not that we treat one abandoned house versus an occupied house any different, we go in there and do the best job possible.  But we still have to consider the safety of our personnel.  I don’t want to be the person who has to make a call and explain to a wife or a husband that we put this person in a situation where we didn’t have to.”

Investigators are still trying to figure out how the home caught on fire in the first place.

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