Cindy’s Diner settles into new location

Cindy's Diner moved to it's new location on Sunday afternoon.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After months of preparing, moving day for Cindy’s Diner finally arrived.

The move from the corner of Harrison Street and Wayne Street  a block and a half to the corner Berry Street and Maiden Lane was supposed to happen at 9 a.m. on Sunday but was delayed until 1 p.m. because of rain. This is the fourth time the diner has been moved. It’s been at the current location for 24 years, but it’s being relocated because of the new Ash Brokerage development which is set to be built in the same area.

A crowd of Cindy’s patrons came out to watch one of their favorite restaurants move to its new home. Some said they think business will pick up for the diner with the new development since the new location is still relatively close. Others said they wish the city would do a better job preserving history. And, some came out because they had a very special connection to the diner. Annie Gillum’s parents used to own Cindy’s Diner when it was Marge’s on the corner of Clay and Berry Streets. She said the Scheele’s, the current owners of the diner, used to be customers of her family and bought the diner when her father grew ill. Gillum said she’s still a customer of the diner where she learned how to cook and worked for many years and said she wouldn’t miss the move for anything.

“I’m kinda happy it’s moving,” Gillum said. “It makes me feel good that I know right where it’s going, and I’ll still get to go in there and eat.”

A moving company out of Ohio City, Ohio moved the restaurant. The crew will be putting it on its new foundation on Monday and Tuesday. The restaurant is expected to reopen in a couple weeks.

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