Nerve disease ends K-9’s crime fighting career

Lasco retired from the Noble County Sheriff's department, where he worked for the department for more than eight years.

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)– After ten years of service, the Noble county Sheriff’s Department is retiring a dog in the K-9 unit.

Deputy Sheriff, Doug Ewell’s eyes filled with tears as he talked about his K-9 partner, Lasco. About two weeks ago Lasco was acting differently, and a diagnosis by a vet determined the dog had degenerative nerve disease,  which meant his days on the police force were over.

Lasco will be ten years old in September and Ewell fondly remembers when he was just a puppy. The Sheriff’s department got Lasco when he was just 18 months old. They’ve been working together ever since.

K-9 Lasco is patient for the cameras during his retirement ceremony.
K-9 Lasco is patient for the cameras during his retirement ceremony.

Ewell recalled when he first took him to K-9 school. “It was a learning experience for me, training the dog and myself,” he said. “It was more training me than him.”

One of Ewell’s proudest moments came shortly after their 14 week training at the training academy ended.

“We were requested for some assistance with the DEA and we helped them in recovering 500 lbs of marijuana which two weeks out of the academy is a pretty big deal or at least it was to us, ” recalled Ewell.

Another highlight for Ewell and Lasco was helping the DEA find 3,000 lbs of marijuana.

Lasco will be missed. In a proud moment, Ewell welled up when he spoke about what a good worker Lasco is.

“Everyday he gets in the car and wants to go to work, and he likes to got to work,” Ewell said. “All he wants is praise and his tennis ball. He never complains.”

Lasco will now spend the rest of his days in retirement, “he’ll play in the yard, he’ll be my boys’ dog,” Ewell said. “He can eat table scraps now. He couldn’t do that before.”

Ewell said that the Sheriff’s department plans to get a new K-9 unit, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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