Is Fort Wayne boring? One list says it’s a ‘snorefest’

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A real estate company has placed Fort Wayne in a top ten list of the most boring cities in America.

Movoto, a real estate company that provides housing information and access to local real estate agents, puts Fort Wayne as the fifth most boring city in America.

The company looked at the top 100 most populated places and the 2010 census business listings. The rankings were then based on nightlife per capita, arts and entertainment venues per capita, percentage of restaurants, percentage of young residents, number of non-fast food restaurants and more.

The makers of the most boring city list give the Summit City credit for having minor league sports teams and a lot of festivals. However, “once you’re sick of those, there aren’t many alternatives” the list claims.

Lack of nightlife, music venues and fine dining options are also given as reasons Fort Wayne is a “snorefest.”

“We disagree with it, of course,” Dan O’Connell, president and CEO of Visit Fort Wayne, said. “There’s a lot to do and see in our community.”

O’Connell said there are many concerts and events put on in public venues that might not have been considered in the list evaluation.

“You have to look into their ranking criteria deeper than the surface and they’re not going to look deep because they’re looking for viewership and eyeballs, not a factual statement,” he said.

The same blog also had an article posted on June 2 listing the 30 things people need to know about Fort Wayne before moving there, saying the “City of Churches has a lot to offer.”

O’Connell said the city can improve with more riverfront development, which is already in the works.

“The article is a little harsh, but it still praised us for minor league sports and praised us for festivals. It’s publicity and we will take it, but it doesn’t have a lot of validity behind it,” O’Connell said.

Movoto’s full list of “The 10 most boring Cities in America:”

1. Lubbock, TX
2. North Las Vegas, NV
3. Chesapeake, VA
4. Irving, TX
5. Fort Wayne, IN
6. Plano, TX
7. San Bernardino, CA
8. Stockton, CA
9. Mesa, AZ
10. Laredo, TX

See the full list and explanations for each city here. 

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