Big changes coming to some Fort Wayne radio stations

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The next time you listen to the radio, there’s a chance you might have to move the dial to find your favorite station.  On Monday Adams Radio Group bought out seven local radio signals.  One major change will be moving 3,000 watt Rock 104 to a more powerful signal at 96.3 FM.

So, what does this mean for listeners and the radio market in Fort Wayne? NewsChannel 15 spoke with Jack Hammer, former radio host at 98.9 The Bear and X102, to get his opinions on things.  Although he’s been out of the business for about five years now, he has a good grasp on the industry.

“Yeah. There has been a lot of changes in the market. I’ve seen it and I’ve been a part of it over the years before I left radio and it is just the thing that happens now,” Hammer explained.

Although it doesn’t happen often in the Fort Wayne market, radio listeners are preparing for a big shake up coming their way.  Especially for long-time listeners of Rock 104 who will soon have to move to 96.3 FM which has a stronger signal.

“It will sound better. It will go further.”

If you listen to ROCK 104 which is 103.9, here soon you’re going to have to switch the radio dial to 96.3 FM to keep listening to the station. And Redeemer Radio 1450 AM is already live on 106.3FM.

As for the company buying out seven Fort Wayne stations, Hammer says managers there have experience in other markets and knows what they’re doing.

“I think they come into the market with a lot of experience, and they come into the market to serve the people and do the best they can and also to make money for their investors because it is a business.”

Hammer says change can be frustrating to listeners.  Especially if their favorite radio host is going away or is being moved to another signal.

“Maybe you just lost someone or had a terrible day. You turn on that radio dial and go to your favorite station and there’s that connection.”

In the end though, he says the 35-year heritage of ROCK 104 won’t be going away.

“I think there is a lot of love and heart that goes with just the numbers 104. But truly that heart and heritage is with the people who are there programming the station and who they are. They’ll still have them. They’ll just be a little further down the dial.”

Adams Radio Group now owns seven stations.  And according to the FCC, that’s the maximum a company can own in one market.


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