Apartment complex rebuilds after flood damage

The Black Bear Creek Apartments are getting renovated a year after they were badly damaged by flood waters.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Black Bear Creek apartment complex on Fort Wayne’s eastside is starting to rebuild a year after flood waters damaged 48 of its first floor units and displaced dozens of families.

It’s taken some of the those families a good portion of the year to start to get back on their feet after the flood. Rhiannon Wright lived in one of the bottom floor apartments with her boyfriend. She said on the morning of June 1, 2013, she woke up to a foot of water and opened her bedroom door to see her belongings floating down the hallway. Wright said she had around $3500 worth of damage because like many of her other neighbors, she didn’t have flood insurance. Luckily, she was able to move back in with her parents and save money until she could afford another apartment and car. She said she never got her security deposit back as promised which was money that would’ve helped her situation. Wright said going forward she will always get flood insurance if she’s on the bottom floor. Even though, she’s said it’s was a lesson she had to learn at a very high cost. 

“I mean I lost everything, and you know the stuff like the couch and the table that was easy to replace, but I lost a lot of other things too like family photos, picture albums…a lot of things that were nice memories to me that I obviously can’t get those back,” Wright said.

The owners of the property, White Oak Partners, said they were only able to start renovations to the units within the last month because of the long insurance claim process. They estimate around $1 million worth of damage and lost rent because of the flood. However, the first group of newly-renovated units will be ready to be rented within the next 10 days, and 11 to 12 more units will come available every three to four weeks throughout summer. A representative said all units will be finished in September. The representative said he couldn’t comment on the loss of security deposits but said he would look into it. He also said the company has been in communication with the city and neighboring communities to figure out a solution going forward. 



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