Noble County Sheriff’s Dept. reports potential phone scam

File Photo.

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)- The Noble County Sheriff’s Department reported Friday that it has received a complaint of a potential phone scam.

The complaintant reported receiving a voice mail message from a man identifying himself as an officer and advising that there was a warrant out for the arrest of the person receiving the phone call. A return phone call, according to the message, was required to take care of the warrant.

The phone number that the call was to be returned to is a location in New York. The caller ID, however, indicated that the call was coming from the Noble County Sheriff’s Department. When the call is returned, an automated service tells the person he or she has reached the Department of State Investigations associated with the Criminal Bureau of Investigations and that he or she should leave a voice message for a return phone call.

The Noble County Sheriff’s Department wants to reassure citizens that it does not try to serve arrest warrants over the phone. Anyone in Noble County receiving similar phone calls or messages should contact the sheriff’s department to report the incident. Sheriff’s officials also say never to give out personal information over the phone.

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