Gas prices hit four bucks, demand to blame

$4 Gas

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Gas prices around Fort Wayne have hit the four dollar mark.

That’s good enough to put the city and state near the top of the “highest gas prices list.”, a website that tracks gas prices across the country, lists Fort Wayne as having the 20th highest average for a gallon of unleaded fuel of all U.S. cities.  You can find Fort Wayne gas prices provided by on’s Gas Gauge.

Honolulu, HI takes home the top spot at $4.36 a gallon. Hawaii also has the highest state average.

As for the State of Indiana, prices across the Hoosier state are good for fourth highest, behind Hawaii, California, and Alaska.

Experts blame an increase in demand and refinery maintenance as the top factors driving up prices. Springtime and the month of May are considered the worst time to fill up your gas tank because of fuel supplies switching to a summer blend.

Currently, Fort Wayne’s gas price average for unleaded is $3.98. The all-time recorded high for gas in the Summit City was $4.28 in May 2011.

Most stations around Fort Wayne are selling unleaded for $3.99.

If you traveled to New York City, Atlanta, Jacksonville, or Anchorage – you’d be able to fill up cheaper than you could around the three rivers.

Prices from checked as of 2:30 a.m. 

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