District officials weigh in on challenging school year

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – As the school year comes to a close, superintendents in Allen County are looking back on what they’re calling a challenging year.  A record-breaking number of snow days, trying to fit in make-up days, and then a lot of uncertainty surrounding ISTEP testing.  So, what lessons will they take away from this school year? NewsChannel 15 caught up with area district officials Friday.

“I think that every year is filled with challenges. There are different challenges every year,” Southwest Allen County Schools Superintendent Steve Yager explained.

“A lot of people are just feeling relief,” Fort Wayne Community Schools spokesperson Krista Stockman said.

Kids aren’t the only ones excited to finally finish up this school year.  Their administrators and teachers are as well.  After a year full of challenges, leaders said there are certainly lessons they’ve learned.

“The lesson of being flexible and adaptable,” said Stockman, who also said everyone deserves a pat on the back given the need to tack on extra time at the end of the school day. “Not that it was easy every day, but we made it through and it prevented us from having to go to school through mid-June.”

As for Northwest Allen County Schools Superintendent Chris Himsel, he said he truly learned how committed the community is to education.

“It took all of us this year because there were unusual conditions. It was not a normal year, and I am just really proud to live in a community that really values education,” Himsel said.

East Allen and Southwest Allen leaders felt similarly about e-learning, which could eventually replace make-up days.

“E-learning is a viable option and maybe there will come a time when makeup days will be a thing of the past,” East Allen County Schools Superintendent Ken Folks said.

“Whether it’s a fog day or snow day or whatever, it might be to be able to provide a lesson for students that day when they’re home,” Yager said.


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