Charges have yet to be filed in first 2014 homicide case

Fatal shooting at Dupont Bar & Grill

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Damian Miller II was Allen County’s first homicide for 2014. He was shot and killed on Jan. 19 in front of the Dupont Bar and Grill. Family and friends are still trying to figure out why no one has been arrested or charged.

Christopher Bradley, Miller’s best friend, was with Miller during the time of the shooting. Bradley said a bouncer in the bar was trying to get everyone out the club. During that process, Bradley claims Miller and the bouncer got into a verbal altercation.

“I finally calmed Damian down and the bouncer came back outside and pulled the gun,” Bradley said.

Bradley said he and a couple other witnesses were interviewed by investigators. He also said the bouncer was taken in for questioning, but was released. He still doesn’t understand why the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t filed any charges against anyone in nearly five months since the shooting.

“I would like some sort of justice,” said Miller. “Some sort of scrutiny of the case.”

The owner of Dupont Bar and Grill would not comment on whether or not an employee was involved.

Miller’s fiancée, Megan Eash, was called by police to identify him at the crime scene. She said it’s been hard for her and his family to get closure without someone being arrested or charged. Eash told NewsChannel 15 that she and Miller were regulars at the Dupont Bar and Grill. She believes the bouncer is responsible for her fiancé’s death.

“Does it have to happen again for him to actually get arrested,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to wish that upon anybody.”

NewsChannel 15 reached out to the prosecutor’s office to see why there hasn’t been an arrest or charges filed, but our phone calls were not returned as of Thursday night.

Bradley said Miller’s father will be meeting with the prosecutor on June 11.

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