Wild on WANE – Indonesian Rainforest Birds

The Indonesian Rainforest at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo boasts at least 16 different species of exotic birds.

Some of these birds primarily stay on the ground, while other live high up in the trees. The dome in in the Indonesian Rainforest offers a variety of space for all those different types of birds.

The staff prepares a variety of foods needed for all of those hungry mouths. On today’s menu: soaked pellets, fruits, veggies, seeds, and even some nectar for the smaller birds.

Birdkeeper Torree Prosser took Rob Lydick along the rainforest trail to feed the ducks. They also ran into Maggie, one of four pheasant pigeons at the zoo – she likes the attention and follows a lot of folks around throughout the day.

They also spotted Leonard along the trail. Leonard, a crested wood partridge, is not only a new bird to the zoo, but also, a new species. And one of Leonard’s favorite snacks? Mealworms. Aside from the foods the keepers give the birds, there are also a bunch of berries and figs for them to munch on in the dome of the Indonesian Rain Forest.

As you make your way along the trail, you may even encounter some birds you’ve never seen or heard of, including the Nicobar pigeon, Pied-Imperal pigeons, and female fairy bluebirds.

You’ll be flying high once you see these birds at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo!

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