Ind. GOP considering platform changes on family values


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne will host the state’s Republican convention in less than two weeks. Delegates will meet and go over the 2014 platform, which includes a change in how the party views diverse, blended families.

“This social issue that for some people is incredibly important still was or in needs to be included in a platform of the Republican party,” said Andy Downs, with the Mike Downs Center of Indiana Politics.

This was the party’s stance on family values and marriage in their 2010 platform:

We support the millennia old concept of marriage as a union between a woman and man, and we agree with the Republican leaders in the Indiana Senate and the Indiana House of Representatives that any proposal to change that concept should be decided by the people rather than the courts.

Though staying with their traditional values on marriage and family, there’s been a significant change to the language in this year’s platform that was released earlier this week:

We believe that strong families, based on marriage between a man and a woman, are the foundation of society. We also recognize that some families are much more diverse and we support the blended families, grandparents, guardians and loving adults who successfully raise and nurture children to reach their full potential every day. 

“They’re trying to balance something out here that’s probably not that easy of a balancing act in reality,” said Downs.

Indiana lawmakers approved an altered version of the proposed amendment to put a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Legislatures removed the “second sentence” in the amendment banning civil unions. This change received bi-partisan support. Though a hotly contested issue across the state, Downs said Republicans would like to focus on other issues.

“There will be plenty of delegates who will say to you, ‘yeah, yeah, whatever. I’m more interested in the economic component or I’m more interested in the education component or I’m more interested in some other component of the platform.'”

NewsChannel 15’ spoke with Indiana’s GOP chairman, Tim Berry. He told us that the party is more open to different viewpoints.

“We are not just a single-focus on some of those issues,” Berry said. “There is a welcome opportunity for diversity of thought.”

Delegates will go over and possibly approve the 2014 platform next Saturday.

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