Fort Wayne City Council votes to repeal collective bargaining for some workers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- The Fort Wayne City Council has approved one of the three bills that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for most of the city’s union workers.

By a vote of 6-to-3, council members approved the bill repealing collective bargaining for non-public safety unions. Measures to combine non-public safety unions and repeal collective bargaining rights for police and fire unions were both tabled in committee for later consideration.

After the bill passed its initial vote in committee, Councilman John Shoaff asked the council for a motion to reconsider the issue.

This now means the bill is essentially on hold until the next regular council meeting on June 10th.  During that meeting, Shoaff’s proposal to reconsider the bill will be brought up and a second final vote will be held.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry has already said he plans to veto any of the three bills should they pass.

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