Nigerian native talks about country’s conflict

Native Nigerian talks about religious conflict in his home country.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After weeks of searching, Nigerian government officials announced that they’ve located where hundreds of school girls kidnapped by the radical Islamic group, Boko Haram, are being held. However, the Nigerian military said they will not be able to use force to rescue the girls who were abducted in mid-April.

The kidnapping of the more than 200 school girls brought decades worth of religious turmoil and tension in Northern Nigeria into the international eye. A Nigerian native, Dr. Mipo Dadang, has been in Fort Wayne for the past three years earning his doctorate at Concordia Theological Seminary. His dissertation was entitled “Religious Violence: An Examination of the Version of the Violent Response among Evangelical Christians in Northern Nigeria: A Missiological Problem.” He said he was prompted to write his dissertation because he’d escaped three assassination attempts which targeted him because of his Christian faith.

“A constant burning of churches and killing of Christians…We are almost confronted with terrorist activity on almost a daily basis,” Dadang said.

In fact, Dadang will soon be returning to Jos, a city in Nigeria, that was recently the center of two Boko Haram bomb attacks that killed more than a hundred people. Dadang also said he went to church with some of the abducted school girls and knows their parents. He said he’s happy the girls have been located but now worries about their future and safety as he hopes for their rescue.

“Would they still regain the strength in order to continue with their education,” Dadang said.

Even with so much religious turmoil in his home country, he still plans to return and use his degree to spread the Christian message which he said is a dangerous job in an area of the country that’s been heavily influenced by radical Islamist terrorist groups. Dadang will be leaving Fort Wayne going back to Nigeria on Wednesday. He said he just asks for continued prayers for his country.

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