Excise police arrest 211 people at Indy 500 weekend

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana State Excise Police officers arrested 211 people on 250 charges around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend. Most of those arrests were for alcohol and drug-related charges.

Excise officers patrolled inside and near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most arrests were made Saturday night during the Jason Aldean concert and on the streets near the Speedway, especially on Georgetown Road.

Last year, excise police arrested 181 people on 214 charges. Those were mostly illegal possession or consumption of alcohol.

“Public safety is a priority for the State Excise Police,” Superintendent Matt Strittmatter said. “Alcohol consumption is expected at events like the Indianapolis 500; however, irresponsible consumption often causes problems that can lessen the enjoyment by many race fans. We will continue to ensure public safety by enforcing the alcoholic beverage laws with an emphasis on ensuring that alcohol is not accessible to underage persons.”

Excise police are the enforcement division of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Their job is to promote public safety by enforcing Indiana’s Alcoholic Beverage Code. While excise officers have the authority to enforce any state law, they focus on alcohol, tobacco and related laws.

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