Student thanked after helping students in Bellmont fight

Broken window at Bellmont High School (Photo sent in via Report It)

DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) – A Bellmont freshman is being complimented for his work after a recent fight broke out at his high school.  Kevin Oetting, 15, helped a police officer give two students medical attention after they were badly cut.  The two students threw each other into a window that they shattered.

The fight took place near the end of April.  According to Decatur Police Chief Ken Ketzler, the two boys got into a verbal fight in the hallway that connects the gym to the rest of the school. They then started pushing each other and went through the window.

Oetting explained why the fight began.  “It was over a girl,” he said.  “They had said some things to each other over Twitter a couple days earlier.”

Oetting was just getting out of gym class when he saw the fight begin.  Both students were boys.  One was a senior, and the other was a freshman.  “I didn’t think anything of it,” he said.  “I just didn’t want to get involved.”

However, the freshman’s plans changed when the two smashed through a nearby window.

“They crashed out,” Oetting told NewsChannel 15.  “I dropped my stuff and went to go help them out.  When the senior got up, he was just draining blood.  There was blood everywhere.  It was not a very good scene.”

The senior had a bad cut to his leg.  The freshman was also hurt.

“The freshman had a pretty good gash to his head,” Oetting said.  “I think he needed five stitches.  The senior, I can’t even remember how many stitches he needed to his leg.  He needed some to his face, and his thigh.  He was really cut bad.”

Oetting said he yelled for other students to get towels to stop the bleeding, and to get a teacher.

A teacher and a school resource officer quickly showed up, but the police officer needed Oetting’s help.  “He took my friend’s belt and put it around the senior’s leg to slow down the bleeding on his leg,” he said.   Oetting was there to help apply pressure.

Word of Oetting’s heroics got to the school’s superintendent.

“Your actions, along with others that day, prevented this situation from becoming a potentially tragic event,” Brent Lehman, North Adams County Schools Superintendent, said to Oetting in a letter.  The letter arrived earlier this week at the Oetting’s home.

“Our community is made a better place when people choose to be involved in the lives of others.  By your actions, an example was set, and you demonstrated yourself to be the kind of citizen of whom we can be proud of.  I am glad to have such a person like you in our school district and in our community.”

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