Disabled veteran gets wheelchair lift fixed

A Fort Wayne veteran got his wheelchair lift fixed after it was improperly installed.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A disabled veteran is now more mobile after getting a wheelchair lift fixed that was installed improperly two weeks ago.

The homeowners contacted NewsChannel 15 after believing the lift was put in unsafely. When workers came out to install the lift, they only secured one corner of it to cement. The rest of the ramp was fastened to bricks which were set in mud. The veteran, Randy Jones, said the lift wasn’t sturdy and wiggled when he rode it. He said he even ran into the side of the house when he tried to exit the lift. After contacting the VA and Home Health Depot, the contracted company who installed the list, a crew was sent out to fix the mistake. They poured a new concrete slab and moved the lift to the side of the porch.

“It’s easier to get on,” Jones said. “It’s easier to get off. It’s just easier.”

He said the lift is now functional and more convenient for him and his dog. However, he and the homeowners weren’t satisfied with how difficult the process was to get the lift fixed.

“It shouldn’t have been this hard for someone who served our country,” the homeowner, Joann Sorg, said. “They shouldn’t have to come home and fight for things here.”

The lift still needs some work. The homeowners said the contractors used the wrong bolts, so it the lift shakes a little, but it’s usable. However, Jones said the lift gives him freedom and independence he didn’t have before. He said he can go to the store on his own and not depend on anyone for a ride.

“I’m just happy with it,” Jones said. “I don’t know what to say other than thank you.”

The contracting company said they ran into some problems because Jones was renting the property. But, they’re happy that Jones is satisfied with the new lift, especially going into this Memorial Day weekend when we honor our veterans.

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