Police: Employee bought drugs with company check

Mugshot of Nicole A. Born courtesy the Allen County Sheriff's Department.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  A woman is facing forgery and theft charges after allegedly making company checks out to herself and using some of the money to buy drugs and a hotel room for her children.

Nicole Born was hired to handle payroll for Outdoor Detail in Fort Wayne. She was given access to company checks and a stamp with the owner’s name on it. From January 9, 2014 until March 2, 2014, Born is accused of making out 20 checks totaling $3,585.78 payable to herself using the stamp with the owner’s name.

The owner told officials that when Born found out that the company was looking into her, she stopped going to work and had no more contact with him.

According to the affidavit for probable cause, when asked by police if she had made the 20 checks out to herself, Born said ” I did some of them, yes.”

She told police that she had used a $125 check for the drug spice. She also told police that some of the money had been used for a hotel room for her children and some were for cleaning supplies. According to the court documents, she could not be specific on how each check she had written to herself had been used.

Born faces a charge of forgery, a class C felony, and a charge of theft, a class D felony.

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