Local Pepsi employee accused of taking $23,500 cash

Mug shot of Christopher T. Hummer Courtesy of the Allen County Sheriff's Department.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A local Pepsi employee is facing felony theft charges for taking close to $24,000 cash from the company.  Investigators say Christopher T. Hummer arranged for an armored truck to make two large cash deliveries which he signed off on.  The first in October 2013 and the second in November of 2013.

Officials say he signed off on the cash without their permission.  According to Hummer’s supervisor, he was their finance associate coordinator and was responsible for distributing and collecting money from vendors.

Hummer was fired in February for other reasons.  A month later, that’s when his supervisor noticed Hummer had arranged the two cash deliveries totaling $23,500 last fall and signed off on them.  Not only were the amounts unusual, but someone at US Bank Vault in Indianapolis accidentally overrode the transactions and allowed them to be delivered by a Brinks employee.

Police found records indicating Pepsi did not request the withdrawals, Hummer did.

Pepsi officials say they are fully cooperating with police on their investigation.  Pepsi had a $1700 max for cash deliveries.  Officials at US Bancorp say the accident was the fault of a third party vendor.  They regret that it happened because they hold them to high standards too.

Hummer is due in court Thursday.

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