Vincent Village buys duplexes for smaller, homeless families

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Vincent Village has been known for helping homeless families for the last 25 years. The organization wants to help smaller, homeless families by putting them into duplexes.

Organizers said they have plans to buy more duplexes to put smaller families into a home, but otherwise couldn’t afford a single family home. Denise Andorfer, executive director of Vincent Village, said these families work part time jobs and is currently staying at the Vincent House Shelter or other shelters in Fort Wayne.

“What we’ve recently done is rezoned this block here on Holton between Pontiac and McKee to allow us to build some duplexes,” said Andorfer.

The project has been paid by private, local and state funds. There are plans to buy six duplexes on the 2800 block of Holton, near Vincent Villages. Rent for families are around $150 a month, but families must pay for their own utilities.

“What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to make some more affordable housing options right here in our neighborhood,” Andorfer said.

Vincent Villages will be providing other services for these families, such as job readiness, counseling, how to gain and keep a job, self-sufficient programs and more.

Organizers will start moving families into the duplexes starting next month.

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