Huntington boil water advisory lifted

The boil water advisory for Huntington was lifted at 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Anthony Goodnight, Director of Public Works and Engineering Services for the city of Huntington.

This is an update to the previously posted article below. 

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) Some people in Huntington are questioning why they were never told about a possible health risk in their water.

Monday, the city issued a water boil advisory after tests showed E. coli contamination in one of the wells. However, some people are saying the city didn’t do enough.

“We did a code alert, which was able to reach about 2,800 people through a county emergency call system and sent out e-mails and text messages. We were able to get a hold of hospitals, nursing homes and schools,” said Anthony Goodnight, Director of Public Works and Engineering Services for the city of Huntington.

About 17,000 people live in Huntington.

“I thought they should be calling me, my phone should be going off, I should be getting a text or something, and it never came,” Erica Felver.

Felver said it’s a huge inconvenience.

“We can’t drink our water, we can’t brush our teeth with our water, we can’t just wash dishes in the sink.”

Also, she was worried for her family.

“I have two kids that are immune suppressed because of kidney transplant so, they’re more susceptible to infections.”

It all started from a routine, monthly sample, taken May 12.

“The city identified one of ten tests that showed a slight trace of total coliform positive, which is the first step before E. coli,” said Goodnight.

The city learned that on May 15. Crews re-tested the same area, along with all 11 wells, a requirement by Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

“We found actually that one of our wells tested positive for E.coli, found out yesterday, May 19th.”

Another well tested positive for total coliform.

The city shut both of them off immediately.

“As soon as we knew, the public knew, I think that’s the key point.”

So far, according to the tests, the system isn’t contaminated.

“I drank the water last night, i feel confident in the water that we’re putting out,” said Goodnight.

“Maybe if we had the same information that they had and they had spent more time informing us, that was going on, maybe we could be that confident too,” said Felver.

The city expects the boil advisory to be lifted by Wednesday afternoon.


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