Super Bowl bid team preps to sell NFL owners on Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The final push is underway as Indianapolis works to win the chance to host Super Bowl LII.

Monday morning, members of the 2018 bid committee head to Atlanta, Georgia for the NFL owners meeting. The bid team gets 15 minutes in front of the owners to score a touchdown.

The bid is 900 pages specifically written to not only meet the minimum qualifications set by the NFL, but to wow the other 31 team owners. Exactly how that will be done is top secret. No one wants to tip off competing cities Minneapolis and New Orleans.

“We will take the village plan that we have and expand that and add some new elements. And that’s all I’m going to say,” Allison Melangton told 24-Hour News 8 earlier this month.

Ironically, the NFL now requires a Super Bowl Boulevard and a Social Media Command Center, both of which were first introduced at the 2012 Super Bowl hosted by Indianapolis. It was a Super Bowl so successful that the Colts say other owners are still talking about it. And that could help the committee when it makes its 15 minute presentation Tuesday in Atlanta.

Pete Ward, Chief Operating Officer of the Colts, announced last week that owner Jim Irsay would not only be at the Atlanta owners meeting, but participate, after his arrest for impaired driving.

“Every owner of the franchises whose city is bidding has a chance to talk for five minutes and he plans on talking to the ownership,” said Ward.

Irsay is said to be well-liked by the other owners so his presence could help push the city over the goal line.

The schedule is already in place for the two-day meeting. The Indianapolis bid team arrives in Atlanta, Georgia Monday morning. They get time to practice their presentation Monday evening in the same room where the owners will hear it Tuesday.

Monday afternoon, the order of the presentation will be drawn at random. Then each potential host city gets 15 minutes to tell its story to the owners on Tuesday.

We may find out Monday who will be the city’s closer — the last person to talk to the owners. For Indy in the past, former Colts head coach Tony Dungy and former Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Eugene White closed the presentation. The committee said the closer can really make a difference. They’ve been keeping it a secret but may unveil it in Atlanta Monday.

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