IPFW cuts budget after declining enrollment

IPFW campus
File Photo - IPFW

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – IPFW has seen a 4.5 percent decline in student enrollment, resulting in the university having to shave $3 million for its budget.

The Purdue Board of Trustees approved the university’s budget cut on Friday. For the last few years, the university has been making budget cuts. The university will now operate with a $108 million budget. Chancellor Vicky Carwein said students are going to school, but most of them aren’t return because of the economy.

“With the economy starting to improve, people are going back to work,” she said.

The university has adjusted to the shortfall. IPFW officials are not filling certain vacant positions and some support services have been reduced.

Many people were going back to school since there were no jobs during the great recession, Carwein said. There are efforts being done to bring those students back and keep them.

“For students who have 60 credits and have been students of ours in the past, they can come back and finish a bachelor’s degree for a 50 percent tuition reduction,” she said.

Students feel if budget cuts continue, they will eventually feel the effects of it.

“It might not seem big, but can play out in a big toll, because what’s next,” said Matthew Miller, an IPFW junior. “And much further is going to impact students down the road.”

An $8.4 million budget shortfall last year prompted IPFW to lay off workers and leave some non-teaching posts vacant.

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